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On behalf of the staff of Matchbox Magazine, we would love to give a big thank you and shoutout to: Julie Hosfeldt, Jeanne Olson, Pamela Finley, Jacqueline and Marc Whitney, Davida Kristy, Joyce Lauterback, Steven and Kathy Gallego, Nancy Dudgeon, David Chang, Heidi Farkash, Nika Reyes, Alex Tornello, Joshua Rapp, Lisa Owen, Michael Lynch, Mary Kay Bigelow, Denise Billings, and Leah Fountain. Due to these wonderful people, we were especially lucky and able to make the 13th edition which is currently out now a reality. Thank you to you all for supporting our dreams and supporting this magazine for 13 years. We could not have done it without y'all.

Giving Day 2019!

Matchbox Magazine is a student-run literary and arts magazine based at UC Santa Cruz that publishes talented writers, artists, and musicians from the entire undergraduate population of the UC system. As the only student publication that is UC-wide, Matchbox is an important way for UC students to have their creative voices widely heard, and to hear voices and perspectives from all over the state that they might not have otherwise been exposed to. Not only does Matchbox provide amazing learning opportunities for our staff, but it also provides a singular forum for writers and artists who might otherwise be overlooked.

If you are curious about how you can help support Matchbox Magazine, please click this link to donate! All proceeds go to printing costs of the newest edition, which is currently Issue 13 and we would all greatly appreciate it! It only takes $5 to print one book! That's right! So if you would like to help or know of anyone who would like to reach out and support us please share! http://c-fund.us/j6a

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