As the age of technology rolls on, many conversations have touched the topic of print media “dying.” Every Humanities major has faced the question, “What are you going to do with that?” with equal parts annoyance and real terror. What are we going to do with that? Are we really pursuing a dying art?

Matchbox is saying, emphatically, no. In truth, the idea of print media becoming fully digital seems like it won’t happen, not in our lifetimes. Paper is too ingrained in our society and is something so importantly tactile. So what does this have to do with Matchbox? Why do we care that our books are physically printed things people can touch and flip through? It would be easy (perhaps easier, in fact, and definitely cheaper) for us to make Matchbox an entirely digital enterprise, but that’s completely not the point.

It’s so vitally important to who we are as an organization and, really, as a group of people, that Matchbox continues to be a printed magazine. The act of publishing a book together as a group, as a collective, is really important to Matchbox. And when we print our magazine and share it throughout the UC campuses, we form a collectivity among strangers. While someone from UC Santa Cruz is reading our magazine, someone from UC Santa Barbara could be reading it at the same time. And though we are many hundreds of miles apart, while each student is holding our book, they are connected by this act of reading.
Lauren Diethelm | Editor-in-Chief and Micaela Accardi-Krown | Managing Editor

Photo Credited to: Lauren Diethelm