Why Joining an Organization in College is Important

It’s your first year in college, you’re here whether you chose to be or your parents made sure you went. You’ve got to pick a major, a somewhat life changing decision. (That’s crazy, right?). Okay, so you’ve chosen a major that maybe fits you and you picked all your classes. Now you think, “Okay, things are now set up, my college life is starting to come together.” And that’s great. But just going to class and doing homework aren’t the only things you could be (or should be) doing.

I know you might say, “But I’m focusing on my work, that’s all I have time for.” Surprisingly, if you like something enough, you will make time for it. So here’s the deal: go to your college resource center and find a group that interests you the most. Sign up. It could be something you know nothing about, or something you know everything about. The point is to get yourself out there on the map. But the key is that your heart and soul have to be in this. Don’t pick a group just because. Pick it because you’re genuinely interested, if you’re not, then it’s not worth it. Joining a group you’re interested in will change your life.

I went through my freshman year happily, I was experiencing college for the first time. I got to make the rules: choose my classes, choose what to eat and when to eat, explore the city. Let’s not lie—college is very freeing. But despite making new friends and going to classes, I didn’t feel like I had a great purpose. Then one of my professors suggested joining something on campus. At the end of my freshman year, I saw Matchbox Magazine’s newest edition, and I knew that was my calling. So I joined the staff.

My entire sophomore year I worked with Matchbox. I learned so many skills that are hard to find elsewhere, I met the group of people I’ve been waiting to be around, I grew as a student and adult, I got to be a part of something that’s bigger than me, I got to do what I love to do.

Joining an organization is something that anyone can and should do. It’s not just for outgoing people. If you’re shy, joining an organization can help you get out of your shell, and express yourself better. You’ll meet the people you like, you’ll gain great experience and knowledge, you’ll experience collaboration (which is arguably the most important tool anyone needs to survive after college), you’ll be a part of your University’s past, and make a mark for yourself in this world which is sometimes hard to do just on your own.

So if you’re just starting and getting used to college life, set aside some time to consider the groups you have on campus. If you already have two jobs and loads of homework, maybe consider one job and swapping out the other to be in an org.

The experience you will have will be priceless. Your org will surprise you and open new doors you never saw, I know Matchbox did for me. I honestly can’t imagine my life without Matchbox in it, and I’m excited for another year of fun.

By: Micaela Accardi-Krown | Managing Editor

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