In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, Media Council at UCSC became motivated to respond and unite. This resulted in a vote to send seven students and one advisor to the 45th presidential inauguration. Media Council is a governing body and funding source made up of leaders from all 16 student media organizations- including Matchbox Magazine. One of the many topics often discussed in Media Council is the political bubble that we face here in Santa Cruz and at the university.This is something we always try to stay conscientious of considering our responsibility as media makers to stay unbiased while still aware of our liberal-leaning audience. In the wake of the election, sending representatives out of the Santa Cruz bubble to observe and report on the Inauguration was Media Council’s way of exposing ourselves to the many different responses happening all over America.

The DC team- named the Santa Cruz Media Coalition- flew out on January 18th and returned on the 23rd.The students attended the Inauguration, the Women’s March, The Refuse Fascism protest, anti-Trump protests outside the DeploraBall as well as other anti-Trump marches and protests that happened that week. Members of the coalition met with and interviewed U.S. Representative Jimmy Panetta, the representative for California’s 20th Congressional District. They collected many interviews from people that travelled to DC either in support or protest to the Inauguration. They even attended press conference interviews that included Jill Stein, Refuse Fascism, BLM New York, and David Rothschild. A home team here in Santa Cruz stayed to do research for the coalition and keep track of all the information that was pouring in. This team is continuing to meet and organize all the photos, interviews, and videos taken in DC in order to make the information available for Student Media organizations as well as Media Council as a whole.

Overall the trip was a success; the Santa Cruz Media Coalition stayed safe, did not face any legal issues, and now all of Student Media has a lot to reflect on and share with the rest of UCSC. To see the many articles written about those five days and to learn more about the Santa Cruz Media Coalition’s experience check out their Facebook page:

Allison Finley | Production Manager

Photo credited to: Santa Cruz Media Coalition