This I Believe Inc. is an organization that publishes short essays from individuals about something that they, well, I, believe in. The organization has a huge online database of essays from all types of people, writers or not, with stories ranging from heartbreaking to hilarious. This vast array of stories show how similar many of our core values are as people, but they also show how these beliefs uniquely manifest in each individual.

I’d like to share mine:

I believe in distractions.

When I was young and my parents fought, I would put my fingers in my ears and spin in circles watching the colors swirl by until I got too dizzy to hold myself up and I tumbled to the ground. Now I count. Sometimes I count odd numbers, sometimes numerals of three, four, or six, and sometimes I even try for primes. They fill up my head causing every other thought to flow right out— there’s no room for them in counting games.

I’m not particularly good with numbers, in fact I’ve never really cared for math, but they’re not meant to serve as enjoyment, they’re meant to be a distraction. They keep me from obsessing over the stupid thing I said three weeks ago, from freaking out and moving from the guy whose leg keeps bumping into mine on the bus-bench, from screaming when there are too many people and noises around me.

So I believe in distractions: the little rubber ball you keep tucked away in your desk drawer, blasting music as loud as you can bear, runs that make you think of nothing but even breaths, one more hit off your joint, your bookshelf filled with cheesy novels, maybe your binge watching of some silly sitcom, or whatever else that helps you breathe without the weight of the world holding you down.

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Jessica Thirionet | Staff Editor

Photo credited to: Micaela Accardi-Krown