Hello. These are our music recommendations. 🙂

You have no reason to trust our musical taste, but you should check out these songs anyway.



https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7hRdUnK4vwJp6nzfM6z3cR?si=Evt F3 NWSLevaJj 529ql 3Q


I went through so many phases. I liked Slipknot (don’t ask), Ice Cube, One Direction, Spice Girls, and everything in between. Below are some of the songs in my listening cycle, all of which are featured on my Spotify playlist, The Discovery Channel.

  1. Goodnights & Goodbyes – Qhairo 

I discovered Qhairo through this song, which reminds me of Frank Ocean’s “Super Rich Kids”. I think this is my most listened to song this year. I can’t get enough of it. He explores self growth and the dynamics of human relationships in his EP, 60FOOTNOIR. I love the overall vibe of his music and is definitely worth checking out. 

      2. church – boylife

This song is my second most listened to. I love the distorted, grittiness of this song. It’s raw. It’s real. It definitely packs a punch. 2 minutes and 35 seconds goes by in a flash. I included my favorite lyrics of the song: 

I wanted to be here

I wanted to stay here

I love you to death but I won’t make my grave here”

      3. DownTown – Halima 

I found this song yesterday. It’s super funky and catchy. In contrast to “church”, this is more of a casual listen…I don’t have much to say about this other than, go listen. 

      4. You Will Find It – Mykki Blanco

I love anything Mykki Blanco does. This song is so tranquil and ethereal. It provided a sense of calm that I needed in the midst of these stressful times. “You Will Find It” is a breather, a step back from the world.   

      5. Death Drive – HMLTD

HMLTD has a special place in my heart. They are a post-punk, art rock band from London that I discovered in 2018. The song’s drama and flamboyance is what makes it so appealing. Who knew that a song about the fantasies of America’s eventual doom would be so good?

      6. カルトボーイ(cultboi) – Mom

It’s a little difficult to completely convey what this song is saying. The whole album, “21st Century Cultboi Ride a Sk8board” is disorienting and pessimistic but at the same time very sincere. I enjoy the anxious and chaotic nature of this song. It’s a refreshing change from mainstream Japanese pop music. 





Listed below is a curation of my full emotional range.



  1. EMT Police and the Fire Department – Shilpa Ray

Shilpa Ray has a lot of good music that could also qualify as “sad” or “indie trash,” but I especially like this song because you get to hear the full extent of her rage. Shilpa Ray’s style is strikingly casual (part of the song is basically just her talking) but it works because she has so much control.

      2. Near DT, MI – black midi

This is a quick and aggressive song about the Flint water crisis. It’s full of anger and desperation and is good for getting out your frustration with the government when there’s nowhere else to direct it.

      3. Say the Name – clipping.

An experimental rap song that’s inspired by, and even more intense than, Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer.” It’s also really catchy, which lures you into the dark themes and experimentalism that expand further as you go deeper into the album.

      4. Satan in the Wait – Daughters

What can I say about this song besides that it’s terrifying? It’s mostly grating, droning, and aggressive but then it comes in with these beautifully haunting chords that punch you in the face.



      5. A Quick One Before the Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut – Have a Nice Life

Makes me think of Dune—like I’m lost in the endless desert of Arrakis and there’s a 400-meter worm rising out of the sand in the distance.

      6. Truck Driver – Sun Kil Moon

All of Sun Kil Moon’s songs are about getting older and watching the people you love, or even just the people on the periphery of your life, dying. This song is also about that.



      7. Dream Sweet in Sea Major – Miracle Musical

This is the one I’m most embarrassed about, which is how you know that it’s good. Janelle Monae’s “Archandroid” meets Panic! at the Disco’s “Pretty. Odd.” meets person who was into Homestuck as a kid.

      8. Psalm 151 – Ezra Furman

Part of a concept album about running away from your life with a guardian angel companion. This song in particular captures all the bittersweetness of the freedom and loneliness. Also, it’s super gay.

      9. Giant Woman – Screaming Toenail

A punk-rock rendition of “Giant Woman” from Steven Universe and the closing track to an anticolonial punk album. Also very queer. Obviously.