In 1939 Clemente Orozco painted the finishing touches to his latest mural inside the dome of Hospicio Cabañas in Guadalajara. Orozco titled this work “The Man of Fire”. It is perhaps Orozco’s most optimistic painting. The mural depicts a man composed of the best qualities from various sciences, theologies, philosophies, artists, and world leaders. This so called “man of fire” would be able to remedy all the ills of mankind.

This concept that all such qualities could manifest in one person is slightly absurd. However, I find myself often dwelling on this mural, especially when considering the political climate of today where it seems all of these qualities are severely lacking. I have recently been dreaming, that perhaps instead of a “man of fire” emerging, a generation of fire will emerge.This generation would collectively embody all of the desired qualities represented in Orozco’s mural, and in doing so eradicate the petty dividing forces that plague humanity.

Ish Lipman | Staff Editor

Photo credited to: Ish Lipman