Editor in Chief: Allison Finley

The Editor-in-Chief wears many hats. They work closely with both the Financial Office and Production Manager to ensure that everything is running smoothly, but the position is largely an administrative one. The EIC organizes funding and outreach, organizes submissions and artist agreements, and creates a timeline for the year.

Allison Finley is a fourth year Literature major. She has been a part of Matchbox during her entire time at UCSC and she is the proud mother of two bunnies, John and Stamos. 






Production Manager: Ava Kristy

The Production Manager works directly with the printer in terms of design, budgeting, and timeline. They also work with the staff and with the larger Student Media community to put on workshops for InDesign and other programs that we use in production, and they are the lead creative force behind the book's aesthetic.

Ava Kristy is a Sophomore studying Art History and Law. When not buried in a book she enjoys baking, petting dogs and listening to music of the indie folk persuasion. 







Chief Financial Officer: Nayeli Castañeda-Lechuga

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for monitoring all of the organization's funds. They oversee the fundraising process, from both on and off-campus sources, and should be always thinking about and reaching out to new potential donors. They work with the Production Manager to set a budget for the year's edition, and work with the staff to ensure we remain within that budget.

Nayeli is a writer, reader, taco lover. A fourth year at UCSC, double majoring in Literature and Economics (I know, weird). Always dancing.  





UC Outreach Coordinator: Sara Schulke 


Sara Schulke is a fourth year Creative Writing major and twenty-first year dinosaur lover. When not admiring dogs, she can be found anywhere there's boba and soft lighting. 

UC Outreach Coordinator: Micaela Accardi-Krown

Micaela was most probably a forest fairy in her past life and anyone that knows her well would agree. But in this life she is a very recent college graduate with a B.A. in Literature and Creative Writing. Micaela enjoys drinking tea, collecting pinecones, writing fantastical stories as well as reading them, and hopes to publish a few books in the near future. Authors that have brought her inspiration are Patrick Rothfuss and Ursula K. Le Guin



Managing Editor: Nicola Salarpi

The Managing Editor is the lead PR rep for the magazine. They manage our social media and website; they are responsible for maintaining not only the static content, but also for cultivating the blog, which is different from year to year and staff to staff. All of the staff contributes to our online content, but everything goes through the Managing Editor before being finalized and posted, and they work extensively with all other staff members to ensure that our message to the public accurately reflects what we represent as a magazine.

Nicola is a Literature and Sociology double major who doesn't read and isn't great at social interactions. She hopes to move to Canada and live in a small cabin with a big dog. Maybe two. 





Staff Members

The Staff Editors do a large part of the legwork; once the leadership creates an outline of a task, it is the staff editors who carry it out. We as an organization pride ourselves on the fact that everyone is involved in all aspects of the magazine, so all staff members do a little bit of everything.



Taylor Romatoski 

Taylor is a fourth year business major. She works in the grocery industry and in her free time she binge-edits spreadsheets and samples BBQ sauces. 






Ronan ?






Michelle Chan


Michelle lives in San Francisco, religious coffee drinker, says "Fight me" a lot for a girl who is only 5'3", cat lover, and secretly owns too much makeup for one person.



Erika Conant

Ericka is a 3rd year lit major who can't wait to be done with her B.A. this year. Catch her at the 9/10 dining hall as she never seems to leave. 




Jessica Thirionet

Jessica is a sassy bookworm who is looking to make the world a better place through wit and charm and a cute dog wearing a sweater.






Shelby Olson

Shelby is a third year literature major just trying to find her place in the universe, and is probably a pirate. She enjoys doggies, doodling, and plenty of nautical nonsense.




Tayler Olson

Tayler is this freshman's name... and yes it is spelled correctly. Music is very big in her small little world, always trying to find new artists each month. If you ever need a new suggestion, just let her know and she will be sure to hook you up.





Riley Cruse 

Riley is a first year student at UCSC, studying Cognitive Science and Literature... probably. She’s currently struggling with reconciling her penchant for used-book-buying with her need to read the same books over and over again. She hopes to write one of them someday, but for now is content to stand in awe at the words of others.




Cole Lauterback


Cole is a third year Global Economics and History of Art and Visual Culture student who hopes to one day go to grad school for fashion management. One of his favorite things to do in his free time is fashion photography.




Jordan Penland

Jordan is a fourth year creative writing major. He enjoys stories in all their forms and is constantly searching for some sort of narrative satisfaction from life. One day he will be a successful author so that no form of authority will make him wake up before 11 AM. He also believes The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) is a genuinely good song and not just a by product of meme culture.