So over the winter break I had a semi-emergency situation with my foot that you don’t need details on. While waiting for the weirdly attractive podiatrist to come see me, a nice blonde nurse started asking me about where I went to school and what I was studying, you know, nurse small-talk. This was a woman who three weeks previously had seen me nearly pass out after shouting “HOLY SMOKES” while getting a Novocain shot. While she’s talking to me, she finds out I’m a Creative Writing major.

She tells me her little brother used to be this little weirdo who would take her and their brother into his room and he’d take his toys and put on performances for them; these were essentially plays that he’d already worked out plot and everything for and he was literally, like, three years old. And he’s one of the guys at Pixar now that makes up the stories. And this nice blonde nurse who brought me a glass of water that day when I was going to pass out patted my good foot and told me to follow my dreams.

So what I’m trying to say here, is that it’s 2017 now, we have a new president being sworn in today, however we feel about him, and honestly everyone hated 2016. So 2017 is the year to forget a useless resolution you’re honestly not going to care about in March. At least for me, 2017 is the year I’m going to, and pardon my corniness, follow my dreams. I’m going to work out more, sure, but not because I promised on January 1st that I would, but because I actually like working out. I have five unpublished novels sitting on my computer. That’s crazy! And this year I’m going to spend some time finding a publisher because, seriously, those things were written years ago and it’s time.

This is preachy, especially from a twenty-year-old in polar bear pajama pants, but forget the painstaking resolution in 2017 and just make time for your dreams or whatever it is that you like to do. You want to read? Tell your roommate she can wax her own eyebrows and go read! You want to travel? Well I can’t help you come up with funding but you can at least take a bus to San Jose for a few dollars! I’m losing track of my point here, but I think we understand each other. Let’s just try to make a nice blonde nurse proud of us. Go team, etc.

Sara Shulke | Staff Editor

Photo credited to: Sara Shulke