Current Members 2016-2017



Editor in Chief: Lauren Diethelm

The Editor-in-Chief wears many hats. They work closely with both the Financial Office and Production Manager to ensure that everything is running smoothly, but the position is largely an administrative one. The EIC organizes funding and outreach, organizes submissions and artist agreements, and creates a timeline for the year.

Lauren is a writer who doesn't write and a reader who only reads sometimes, but her love of Literature never falters.





Production Manager: Allison Finley

The Production Manager works directly with the printer in terms of design, budgeting, and timeline. They also work with the staff and with the larger Student Media community to put on workshops for InDesign and other programs that we use in production, and they are the lead creative force behind the book's aesthetic.

Allison is a junior studying Literature and Linguistics. She hopes to one day make it into the publishing world, and currently enjoys spending her free time reading whatever she can get her hands on and mindlessly watching Netflix.






Chief Financial Officer: Dominique Zumwalt

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for monitoring all of the organization's funds. They oversee the fundraising process, from both on and off-campus sources, and should be always thinking about and reaching out to new potential donors. They work with the Production Manager to set a budget for the year's edition, and work with the staff to ensure we remain within that budget.

Dominique is a brewer of beer, collector of books, shoe addict, and a poetry lover.





Managing Editor: Micaela Accardi-Krown

The Managing Editor is the lead PR rep for the magazine. They manage our social media and website; they are responsible for maintaining not only the static content, but also for cultivating the blog, which is different from year to year and staff to staff. All of the staff contributes to our online content, but everything goes through the Managing Editor before being finalized and posted, and they work extensively with all other staff members to ensure that our message to the public accurately reflects what we represent as a magazine.

Micaela is a third-year Literature major with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Raised in Altadena, CA, she is enjoying the Santa Cruz atmosphere of forest and sea, allowing the landscape to inspire her fantasy writing. Her favorite authors include Patrick Rothfuss and Ursula K. Le Guin. If she could live perpetually in autumn, she would.




Staff Members

The Staff Editors do a large part of the legwork; once the leadership creates an outline of a task, it is the staff editors who carry it out. We as an organization pride ourselves on the fact that everyone is involved in all aspects of the magazine, so all staff members do a little bit of everything.


Austin Bailey

Austin is a displaced cowboy just trying his best to get a Psychology degree. He's in Matchbox in an attempt to relive his glory days as a high school yearbook nerd. After long hours of lab projects and statistics, he likes a break to just hang out with friends and read a little prose. His passions include drag queens, otters, all-you-can-eat sushi, and the occasional dinosaur. He's completely harmless.





Ava Kristy

Ava is a tree nymph who enjoys nothing more than large dogs and autumn days. She likes cats too.





Ish Lipman

Ish was born in San Francisco but raised in Los Angeles. He is currently completing a BFA with a focus on photography.





Kaley Makino

Kaley is an outspoken, impassioned sunflower who feels her petals could indeed touch the clouds.





Angela Tapia

Angela transferred to UCSC as a junior Literature major. She is an active enthusiast of arts and animation, an avid concert attendee, and has an ever-growing collection of books that will soon surpass the space she has on her shelves, swarm under her bed, takeover the pockets of her jackets and sweatshirts, and conquer that crevice between her mattress and bed frame.





Jessica Thirionet

Jessica is a sassy bookworm who is looking to make the world a better place through wit and charm and a cute dog wearing a sweater.





Gabrielle Tribelli

Gabrielle is a Literature major who finds comfort through reading and writing, though she is not limited to Literature activities. She finds endless inspiration through moments captured by her camera. When she isn't petting dogs or being pet by dogs, she is definitely not doing math.





Nicola Salarpi

Nicola Salarpi is a Literature and Sociology student who spends most of her time with her head buried in a book. She enjoys baking, petting dogs, and long walks on the beach.





Sara Schulke

Sara enjoys long flights back to her hometown of Annapolis, MD. While on the plane, she likes to re-watch 17 Again and pretend she is going to write something with all the time she has. When Sara is in California, she likes to gasp at dog sightings and interrupt people to tell them about the dog.